Maria Sharapova shows off her Boxing skills in a Video Released on Twitter

Maria Sharapova shows off her Boxing skills in a Video Released on Twitter

One of the famous Lawn Tennis player, Maria Sharapova, uploaded a video on her Twitter account where she could be seen practicing Boxing with Tommy Cassano.  Watch the video below

Tommy is a professional fitness coach, who can be seen training with Maria on a beach in that video. She did lunges with weights, and some cross-training with ropes. She is definitely working on her body after taking retirement from Lawn Tennis. 

Boxing is an excellent sport, and an amazing stamina building activity. Various sportsperson include Boxing in their routine to strengthen their bones and muscles. Many people include this activity in their workout regime to perform better in other sports.  

The retired Lawn Tennis player, Maria is presently in love with this sport. She was tested positive for using drugs, and faced a lot from the federation. Thereafter, in her documentary, The Point, she told everyone how she coped up after the ban. She joined a university course, included many hobbies in her routine, for instance Boxing. 

The five time Grand Slam winner said that she started taking serious boxing lessons in the year 2017. On the court, she is famous for her grunting attitude. And now she is seen punching, and hitting the pads very often.

Her fans are loving her Boxing training videos and pictures. They are hoping to see the 6’2″ champion in the ring someday.