May Day or International Labor’s Day – Facts You Should Know

1st May has different stories and reasons to celebrate but most commonly is to celebrate the hardship of the workers. This year world is fighting with Coronavirus outbreak and we are saluting the heroes of this pandemic-Doctors, police officials and who are stepping out to save others. Let’s come back to Labor Day and how it came to existence?

1st May as International Labor Day

Workers, as we know, play important in building the structure for a country. Be it any sector agriculture, construction of roads or bridges workers make the job done. This day has been chosen to celebrate the hardship they do shaping the future of any economy. This day marks the memory of the communist and socialists who fought for the rights of workers.

History of 1st May

This historic day has its origin back in 1886 in Chicago, the USA where some trade union workers went on a strike to demand per day fixed 8 hours of work with many other workers’ rights. Little trivia here, workers were exploited back then-low wages despite working the whole day. This strike started on 1st May and 3 days later on 4th May, a bomb blast incident took place. The bomb blast took the lives of many and left many injured. This incident did little help to the workers as the government fixed their working hours to 8 hours.

After the meeting of Congress in Paris in 1889, the government declared 1st May as an International Labor Day. This event is celebrated annually to recall the death of the police officers with others and to celebrate the rights of workers.

Some Facts about Labor Day

  • The Labor Kisan Party first celebrated Labor Day in 1923 in Madras, India.
  • To stop Child labor, the Child and Adolescent Prohibition and Regulation Act was passed in 1986.
  • This day is also celebrated as Maharashtra and Gujarat Day as on this both the state got their separate Entity in 1960 based on Language.