Melania Trump ignores Donald Trump in her Valentine’s Day tweets and focuses on ‘Inspirational Children’

Melania Trump shared a sweet Valentine’s Day message on Twitter, but it was not for her husband. Donald Trump was not even mentioned in her message. Rather, her focus was on sending love to all children around the world. She posted two tweets highlighting her visits to children’s hospitals all over the world in the last four years. Her message was to send love and strength to the children she met there.

Her message read that it was a wonderful experience to have met those incredible kids around the globe and wished everyone a happy Valentine’s Day weekend. Her tweet on the love day, without a mention of her husband, has raised many speculations.

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It is rumored that their relationship has gone rough since they left the White House in January. But Melania’s BFF Stephanie Winston, who was also the author of Melania and Me, explained that she has learned the hard way that she is a Trump. Winston, who was also a former advisor to Melania, was the first person to look at the couple’s relationship.

She said that there is a lot of understanding and it’s more of a look between the two. She said that the way of expressing affection in their relationship was Melania telling him how good he was. She recalled an incident when she was with Melania in the car, and Donald would call her and ask her how did he do, no matter where she was, which looked like her approval mattered a lot to him.

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