Miami Dolphins Mailbag: Stopping Allen, Rookie Defenders, and More

Miami Dolphins Mailbag: Stopping Allen, Rookie Defenders, and More

Tackling some topics sooner than the Miami Dolphins home opener against the Buffalo Funds, starting obviously with easy how to unhurried down Funds quarterback Josh Allen.

Here we hasten:

From Ticket Ricci (@mdricci):

What is your have interaction on easy how to tackle the Josh Allen conundrum? Zero blitz the heck out of him, play protection and hope our guys acquire home, or some combination? I admire the unique guys now we favor to throw at him, nonetheless he’s owned us…Thanks!

Howdy Ticket, essentially top-of-the-line technique to tackle Allen is what the Steelers did closing week, which is to plug four and acquire just a few stress on him. But that’s loads more straightforward stated than completed. Start air of that, I sing protection ought to have interaction priority over all-out blitzing since the latter locations so mighty stress on the lend a hand break. But essentially top-of-the-line conception would possibly perchance perchance additionally be switching issues up and giving him diversified appears.

From Jeff Golden (@Goldenjeff72):

The total Fuller ingredient is bizarre, any likelihood he performs one snap with the Dolphins?

Hi Jeff, I’m now not one to unnerved some distance flung from offering an notion or making predictions when it involves player availability, nonetheless I don’t sing it’s factual on this case because he’s facing a non-public subject and we don’t know what that subject is. I’ll merely utter I hope his subject will get settled immediate and to his liking and he’s lend a hand with the team sooner as a alternative of later.

From jorge boyd (@raga1922):

Hi Alain would you attach a witness on Josh Allen and if so who would possibly perchance perchance additionally it be is there anyone solid and snappy ample to dangle him?

Howdy Jorge, the problem with Josh Allen isn’t so mighty the plug nonetheless the combo of measurement and plug. Even then, Allen isn’t merely about as mighty of a scrambler as he primitive to be — indubitably now not admire he became when he rushed for 135 yards in his first-ever game against the Dolphins — so the predominant focus now wants to be on stress and protection, the technique I gape it.

From steve , (@jujusimba7777):

Dolphins private struggled vs cell QBs for a whereas, now not merely allen. Can/will the coaching staff /gamers adapt to the distress? Will they mix up protection [not just man]? Will they witness the QB?

Howdy Steve, first off, let’s take into accout that Allen rushed for 22 yards within the two games against Miami closing 365 days, so his running isn’t the predominant convey anymore. I would possibly perchance perchance predict the Dolphins to throw just a few diversified issues on the Buffalo offense Sunday, nonetheless I’m now not definite they’ll acquire huge employ of a witness.

From Randy Millard (@dolphan013):

What build you suspect the prospects are that the Funds take up Gesicki subsequent 365 days (after we foolishly let him hasten) to torment us for the subsequent 5 years?

Man, we’re already having a dwell up for subsequent offseason? What I would possibly perchance perchance convey you about Gesicki is that given the depth on the arena factual now, the technique the Dolphins employ their tight break, I’m form of getting a onerous time seeing them spending spacious cash to lend a hand Gesicki as a free agent. And then I indubitably would possibly perchance perchance additionally gape one more team that values a receiving tight break admire Gesicki throwing spacious cash at him and, certain, the Funds definite survey admire a form of groups. But that’s technique down the line and tons of issues would possibly perchance perchance additionally occur till then.

From James Sonny Burnett (@JamesBurnett11):

What build you suspect the decisive Dolphins victory day after lately?

I admire it if that’s what’s within the playing cards. That will rate the Dolphins as the team to beat within the AFC East, with out ask. I with out a doubt don’t reduce rate the doubtless for a Dolphins use (I’d be foolish to), nonetheless I build private a onerous time seeing a blowout victory.

From Jake @JakeMc945):

Will Baker shadow Allen the total game? I sing that is truly top-of-the-line plan to have interaction away his running skill.

Understand above. It’s now not Allen’s running skill that’s the spacious convey factual now. And take into accout that if you’ve gotten a shadow or witness on Allen, it’s one player that’s now not helping out in protection. So, no, I don’t gape Baker shadowing or spying Allen all game.

From Cliffy Mac (@mclifford36):

Pause you attach a witness on Josh Allen all game and, if so, who’s it?

As addressed all all over again and all all over again on this mailbag, no, I don’t sing that’s the technique to pass because Allen became extra problematic closing 365 days alongside with his passing than his running. One other subject is whether the Dolphins defense has any one with the combo of measurement/plug to dangle with Allen. Jerome Baker? Sam Eguavoen? Speedily ample nonetheless too minute. Andrew Van Ginkel? Doubtlessly now not snappy ample. So who? No, essentially top-of-the-line game conception is getting stress on Allen with as few rushers as doubtless.

From Dante (@GhostofMarino):

Stylistically speaking Miami has been blitz heavy. Allen has been large against the blitz. KC and the Steelers rushed 3/4 and dropped 7/8 into protection. Can Miami acquire consistent stress with out blitzing? It is some distance my assertion that Holland and Phillips were drafted for this matchup.

I’m of the realization that the picks of Holland and Phillips were made independent of explicit matchups, though there’s cramped doubt they ought to lend a hand against the Funds — if Phillips can muster some stress on Josh Allen. Can Miami acquire consistent stress with out blitzing? Based entirely mostly on what we’ve viewed over the final two years and what everyone is conscious of about the Dolphins personnel, it’s shining to ask that.