Michelle Obama is a rising star on Netflix as she released a new documentary

Michelle Obama has been off from the white house for more than three years, and of course this period is fair enough to write a treatise. She is ready to release a documentary film named “Becoming” which is streaming on Netflix. It is assistant film which is the same name of Obama’s bestselling 2018 memory. Self-examination, show trim from the book tour, conversation and interaction with fans of the first former lady is been shown in the film.

The documentary is the the story of Michelle Obama

The idea of exploring her memory is to get the time to reflect and figure out ‘what just happened to me” said Obama to Oprah Winfrey during her onstage interview.  The scenes in the film is rare it is up close look of the first lady’s life. It is personal story of Obama’s experiential pain in young adulthood and the struggle of miscarriage later on. The journey is overwhelming, “You don’t have to keep it together, and you don’t have to. Obama says to winter you can go ahead and cry out your eyes.

The film hits all the notes of a big star to share her life through a movie to public. The movie is directed by Nadia Hallgren. She contemplate to use the White House at the age of eight. In “Becoming” Michelle Obama only talk about maintaining her self. She talked about those years when she gave a powerful speech on policy issue. As Michelle Obama is one of the most recognized woman in the world. While leaving the United States Capital building, she got tears in her eyes. Obama’s prevailing concern was her two young daughters.

The movie named “Becoming” will not offer you anything new. But surely the audience will get to know about her struggle and not losing her self.