Microsoft 365’s Outage on Monday Affected Multiple Services Including Outlook

Microsoft 365's Outage on Monday Affected Multiple Services Including Outlook

On Monday, many Microsoft 365 users faced trouble accessing its multiple services including Outlook. By end of the day the services largely restored but Outllok seemed to be down even after that.

Microsoft Tweeted that “most users should be experiencing relief.” Further, Microsoft added that the company is “continuing to see significant improvement for affected services.” The list of affected services according to the company was Outlook,, Dynamic 365, Teams Live Event, Microsoft Teams and Power Platform.

A website that measures the internet Outages- Down Detector report that during an outage, the users had issues with Login, Outlook and server connection. Server down for office 365 was being observed around 5 pm ET. According to Microsoft, the outage was because of the new changes to the platform. But later they said the company has “not observing an increase in successful connections after rolling back a recent change. We’re working to evaluate additional mitigation solutions while we investigate the root cause.”

A Microsoft spokesperson in talks with CNN later told then that “at this time, we’ve seen no indication that this is the result of malicious activity.”

Written by Neha Garg