Microsoft Teams now has new 3D emoji

Microsoft Teams is getting new 3D emoji today. The software giant has begun revamping its more than 1,800 emoji in Microsoft Teams with new Fluent designs. The 3D emoji design is available in preview in Teams today, and it’s the same as Microsoft announced last year for both Windows and Teams.

While Microsoft Teams is getting new 3D emoji, Microsoft has only launched 2D versions in Windows 11 and recently hinted that it is still working on 3D emoji for Windows.

“Users will see a new take on most previous Teams emojis, along with some new picks,” explains Kaushal Mehta, a member of the Microsoft Teams technical team, in a blog post. “All skintone emojis will continue to have 6 skintone options.”

The new 3D emoji in Microsoft Teams.
Image: Microsoft

The new 3D emoji will appear in chat and channels and in comments in chat, channels or live meetings. There are even animations for some emojis. To access the new emoji, all you need to do is go to Microsoft Teams settings, about, public preview. IT admins may need to enable the preview features, but once enabled, the 3D emoji will appear in Microsoft Teams for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, and all supported web browsers.

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