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Microsoft to Shut Down Internet Explorer in August 2021

The Company has confirmed the news that it would end support for Internet Explorer 11. The Company said that from 17th August 2021 onwards, the browser would not work on its products, such as Office 365, Outlook, etc. It also informed that after March 2021, there would be no latest updates on security on the Microsoft Edge Legacy Desktop app.

A tech giant started Internet Explorer, and it became the famous gateway to the internet. It got lined up in the MS operating system from 16th August 1995. Now they are determined to drop the Internet Explorer as it is less cultivated for today’s technology.

Microsoft has started working on ‘Microsoft Edge’ to cope with the need, safety, and compatibility of its customers. The historic Internet Explorer will be replaced by Microsoft Edge, which is similar to the worldly accepted Google chrome. Microsoft claimed that the ‘Edge’ would give all the customers a more inventive and enhanced internet experience.

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