Microsoft will sell you a $60 T-shirt with the Windows XP background

Microsoft launches a new ‘Hardwear’ clothing collection with a Windows XP T-shirt. If you’ve always wanted to roam the streets with the Windows XP bliss wallpaper on your back, now is your time. The famous blue sky and green hill are decorated with a mustard or black T-shirt, available for $60.

The nine-piece collection of T-shirts, hats, sweats, jackets and trousers is part of a collaboration between Supervsn founder Gavin Mathieu and Microsoft. It’s Microsoft’s first capsule collection of clothing and merchandise, and the software maker clearly wanted to create a trendy nerd vibe with its collaboration.

Microsoft’s “Hardwear” clothing collection.
Image: Microsoft

“The collection reflects Normcore’s style, a lifestyle aesthetic that emphasizes individuals rather than the clothes they wear,” explains Amanda O’Neal, director of multicultural and social communications at Microsoft. “Every piece is intentional and there is meaning behind every item in Hardwear.”

The normcore range also includes an MS Paint T-shirt that mimics the app’s original color palette and a “Hardwear” hat featuring Microsoft’s ’90s logo colors.

However, this is not Microsoft’s first experiment with clothing. Microsoft has been selling Xbox-branded clothing for years, and the company also sells a range of clothing items in its corporate store. Microsoft even started selling its ugly Windows sweaters in 2020, with MS Paint, Windows XP, Windows 95 and Minesweeper being available before.

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