Mike Schultz Shared Before-and-After pictures that will change the Way You assume about the COVID-19

Mike Schultz Shared Before-and-After pictures that will alteration the Way You assume about the COVID-19

Mike Schultz, an RN who was put on a vent because of the coronavirus, shared photos on Instagram on May 14, showing the result of COVID-19. He showed the impact of the virus on the patent it will have on the body. He showed that coronavirus is a serious thing to worry about more than just the “sick and elderly.

He was allowed to the hospital on March 16, afterwards his signs went from normal to a fever of 103°F. He was brought to oxygen right away and then able for intubation. He was intubated for the other four weeks, he said. Schultz was in existence dealing with the virus at New England Sinai Hospital in Stoughton, Massachusetts. In a post on May 6, Schultz wrote that he was capable of eating and drinking what he wanted later on fleeting a medical test.

According to NBC Miami, Schultz was one of those 38 folks who got Sick when they attended a Winter Party Festival in Miami Beach in March 2020. The 43-year-old nurse wrote that he badly wanted the public to see the impact of his COVID-19 knowledge and being sedated for six weeks on a ventilator.

In a report Mike Schultz wrote in the short description. He also said that covid19 decreased my lung space and size with pneumonia. After 57 days in the hospital and treated without seeing any family or visitors, finally, I got a chance to get back to my home and family but also planned to keep recovering with the illness with my guardian and boyfriend.

According to Buzzfeed, Schultz lost 140 pounds from around 190 pounds. On March 14, he flew to Boston to be with Hebblethwaite in the time between lockdowns.