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Miley Cyrus Adorably Dances with Boyfriend Cody Simpson

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The party was held On Sunday, in the U.S.A.” in which Miley Cyrus 27, shared an amazing video on Tik Tok of herself and boyfriend named Simpson, 23, featuring their dance moves. On her TikTok, Miley shared an incredible clip in which they both were performing with enjoy and the dance was well choreographed. 

Miley Cyrus Adorably Dances with Boyfriend Cody Simpson
Image Credits- YouTube

Recently, one of the well-known singers Miley Cyrus came into highlight after uploading a video on an online entertainment platform TikTok. In the video, she was dancing on C+C Music factories hit Gonna Make You Sweat, which was released in 1990. However, she was not alone in the video. Her boyfriend Cody Simpson was also dancing and synchronizing the dance moves. Even people are loving their dance moves.

Miley Cyrus Adorably Dances with Boyfriend Cody Simpson
Image Credits- Head Topics

Australian singer Cody was shirtless, but he wore black athletic shorts, whereas Miley was in a blue bikini. The outdoor sunny backdrop is providing a great contrast to the video. They both know how to WERK pretty well. According to the sources, they both came into a relationship in the month of October last year. Before that Miley was married to Liam Hemsworth.

However, due to some complications, they divorced. Coming back to Cody, Recently, he and Miley also distributed Tacos to health care workers in the Corona pandemic. The couple is doing great and is very happy with each other. Not even in this recent Tik Tok video, but they often costar in each other’s TikTok videos. After talking to Simpson about their relationship he said that they both are creative and support each other in their works.

He also complimented her girlfriend by saying her as an inspiring, independent, and encouraging person.  Miley Cyrus and her boyfriend Cody Simpson are the real relationship goals. They gave us whole choreographed dances on Tik Tok, and it’s everything. Cody said in a statement “We are both creative individuals who support one another with our work,”

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