More than one person can now use Google TV

One of the big features that came with the Chromecast with Google TV in late 2020 was the eponymous Google TV software and dashboard. Google’s latest attempt at putting its services in front of your eyes while you watch TV was a launcher that put personalization and smart recommendations to the fore, as long as you’re a one-person household, of course. Google TV only supported one user profile, and after adding kid profiles later so you don’t have to subject yourself to endless Baby Shark adjacent recommendations, Google promised to support more profiles. After some lengthy delays and a slow rollout, that feature is finally here.

Google TV users should now be able to add multiple user profiles to their devices thanks to a server-side update that’s live, though it may still require a restart or reinstall of the Google TV app to activate. I can personally confirm that restarting my Chromecast with Google TV gave me an “Introducing profiles on Google TV” startup screen, asking the option to add another Google account.

Once you’ve added more Google Accounts, you can customize your interface with separate watchlists and smart recommendations based on your viewing habits. This will hopefully help reduce the time it takes to decide what to watch, while no longer subjecting your partner to recommendations of your own guilty pleasures, such as anime shows or wrestling documentaries.

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