Mother’s day with the Oddballs and Malcontents

Movies to watch on Mother's Day

In this odd time, these oddballs’ mother deserves screen time. These matrons are nobody’s thought of ordinary. These misfits are madly protective of their children. Maybe these moms are different, but you know what? Moms’ freshly type is strange, too. They can provide their children with perfect and much-needed comfort. It doesn’t matter what kind of guardian you are, if you are going to celebrate this holiday, here are a few movies about ordinary moms to help them celebrate this mother’s day. 

Movies to Watch on Mother’s Day

I Am Mother

There is a movie named “I Am Mother”, this movie will blow your mind now you will ask how? So this movie says you don’t need to be a human to be a guardian. This movie raises a girl named girl (her name is Clara Rugaard). She is all alone inside a barricaded bunkers, as a part of a plan. “I Am Mother” directed by Grant Sputore”. This movie is perfect for oddball’s mothers who loves a good argument. (Available on Netflix) 

The Queen

Another one is “The Queen” (directed by Frank Simon), decades before there was Elektra. There was also real-life Crystal LaBeija. LaBeija was a mother. In Frank Simon’s fabulous movie “The Queen,” LaBeija is in the middle of the drag entrant strive in the Miss All-American Camp Beauty Pageant, introduce by the draw icon Flawless Sabrina (a.k.a. Jack Doroshow, who passed away in 2017). (Available on Netflix, Amazon, Kanopy 

Bad Moms

There is another documentary named “Bad Moms”. The movie is Wonderful and weepy. It’s exhausted and heedless moms, who completely allow themselves to be a rare bit selfish. Mila Kunis is the character of this movie directed by two dads. The movie named “Bad Moms” is all about getting fantasied about being stressed-out and rural mothers who are so annoyed with the pressure to be a perfect mother. (Available on FX now, Amazon, YouTube and on iTunes as well)