MUA and an Influencer Ethan Peters Popularly Known as Ethanisupreme died at 17

Ethan is Supreme died at 17

This 2020 is at its ending stage but its the evil it has brought to this world is nowhere ending. COVID-19 Pandemic and the loss of many dear stars and people around us has put us on the doubting the meaning of our existence on Earth.

In this year, we lost yet another star, a famous Youtuber Influencer and makeup artist Ethan Peters. He famously goes by the name if Ethan is Supreme. Though the reason for the death is not confirmed yet it is being assumed because of a drug overdose.

His father Gerald Peter broke the news to Fox News with a heavy heart and said “The cancel culture we find ourself [sic.] in weighed heavy on his heart. He wanted nothing but to inspire, make people laugh and push the boundaries of what is acceptable in our world for All young people. He was kind soul, who accepted everyone for who they were.”

Many members of the Industry is in shock and Twitter and other social media platforms are being flooded with the tributes to the late star.

On Instagram his only Best Friend Ava Lousie who is emotionally broken and shocked hearing the news said “This right here is my best friend in the entire world. He was the only person I spoke to for months. I was all alone and struggling and Ethan inspired me again. He was here with me for my birthday 2 weeks ago and I’m so thankful I got to spend it with him. I’m so fucking thankful he flew out to bum ass Rutgers university to see me. We had our last FaceTime call last night and I am so so so sorry I cut it short. I can’t breathe. This is the worst pain I ever felt. Iv lost friends but never a best friend. Ethan saw me through my lows and celebrated my highs with me. He was so much more than what you all saw online. His amazing parents have been parents to me when mine haven’t been the best, so please respect their privacy at this time. Ethan fucking Peters I’m gunna make sure you legacy lives on you were meant for so much, the smartest teenager I knew. I hope there’s an afterlife and you’re doing wild shit up there I really fucking do.”

On Twitter as well Ava posted about Ethan and it read as “My best friend in the entire world, my twin flame…..the only person there for me when I had no one. I love you Ethan, I am at a loss for words. I wish I knew how bad it was. I know what you’d want me to say to the Internet rn but I’m to heartbroken to say it. Rip.”

Subsequently, other MUA shared their tweets to give their condolences to the family and friends.

A tweet by Manny Mua on Twitter read as “rest in peace Ethan @trashqueenethan. You were so incredibly talented at such a young age. I know he’s made many many mistakes… but to say he deserved to pass away is horrible and inhuman. I pray for his family and loved ones, a horrible loss.” 

Tana Mongeau another Makeup Artist posted a picture of him and wrote on Instagram “Rip angel. my heart goes out to his family and friends. If you need anything reach out please.”

An Influencer and good friend of Ethan, Grace Anne shares a Gallery of Images with him on her Instagram and captioned it “I love you. I can’t believe I have to say goodbye so soon. We just talked a couple of days ago, when you sent me a video of the disposables that had just come in from your visit here. F**k. I f**king hate it here. I wish I could say more..but there just aren’t any words. I love you. I believe you’re still here for me.”

Drug abuse is the evil we need to talk about more. If you want to quit or want to talk please take help of your family and friends but don’t waste yourself to Drugs.

RIP Ethan is Supreme. Ethan died young, our deepest condolences to the Family and Friends.

Written by Neha Garg