‘My 5-day Covid coma last Xmas made me forget I’d given birth – it’s a miracle I survived’

‘My 5-day Covid coma last Xmas made me forget I’d given birth – it’s a miracle I survived’

Sticking a a part of tape onto the closing Christmas display, I save free a long insist of reduction. “I’m gratified that’s done,” I said, rubbing my exiguous one bump. “I’m exhausted.”

Christmas change into repeatedly a gratified time with my partner, Daniel Edwards, 37, a petrol sales assistant, and our kids, Megan, Tomos and Freddie. And in the Fresh one year, on 5 January, we beget been awaiting a brand fresh addition – a fourth exiguous one to manufacture our family total.

We had so powerful to discover forward to. And but the previous few months had been very fraught. From the inaugurate, tests had picked up that my being pregnant would perchance perhaps be excessive risk.

Daniel and I had confronted an anxious wait except further scans came wait on walk. We found we beget been awaiting a exiguous boy, and we beget been extremely gratified.

From left: Tomos, Megan, Freddie, Daniel and Harri

From left: Tomos, Megan, Freddie, Daniel and Harri

Then I spotted the exiguous one wasn’t shifting as powerful as he must restful, and at some stage in the autumn of 2020, I change into in and out of sanatorium for monitoring.

In November I went into early onset labour and I change into admitted to sanatorium for steroid injections. It change into this kind of tension. I had a routine Covid take a look at, too, and to my shock it came wait on obvious. I’d been feeling a piece of below the climate, however I honest build it all of the vogue down to feeling drained with the being pregnant.

I had a 2d take a look at, which came wait on negative, so it change into notion I’d come to the live of the virus. The relaxation of the family all tested negative, too. Happily, the labour slowed down and I change into allowed dwelling.

We notion that the panic change into over. I change into over awful Covid and I started planning for Christmas – placing up the tree, doing last-minute procuring and wrapping gifts.

Charlene's wearing a face mask

Charlene’s covid change into so excessive it resulted in her being in a five day coma

In mid December, I had a routine take a look at which showed the exiguous one’s heart price change into too excessive. Again, I change into admitted to sanatorium. “I maintain we would like to ship the exiguous one,” the consultant informed.

On 23 December 2020, our exiguous one son, Harri, change into delivered by emergency C-allotment. To our reduction, he change into perfectly wholesome and weighed 8lbs 1oz. We beget been over the moon.

On Christmas Eve, our next youngest, Freddie, smartly-known his fourth birthday. It change into upsetting no longer to be with him, and I couldn’t wait to obtain dwelling.

I spent Christmas Day with exiguous one Harri on the maternity ward. It change into this kind of irregular Christmas. I change into so overjoyed with my fresh exiguous one, however I missed being at dwelling with the older kids. I change into woozy as smartly. I felt as although I change into slipping in and out of consciousness.

Then, Daniel messaged me to claim he change into feeling ill. It felt like one thing after but every other.

Tomos, Freddie and Megan adore their baby brother Harri

Tomos, Freddie and Megan cherish their exiguous one brother Harri

On Boxing Day, I felt worse restful. I’m in a position to also barely originate my eyes. And after I in a roundabout procedure did, I change into in for a shock. There beget been machines bleeping all around me and a tangle of wires connected to my chest. I had no notion where I change into or what change into going on.

“It’s 5 January, you’ve been a coma,” a nurse said gently. I stared, uncomprehending. “Develop you take into account having the exiguous one?” she asked.

“Are you joking?” I gasped.

I had no recollection at all of having a exiguous one. I didn’t know what gender it change into, or what determine we had chosen. The nurse found my mobile phone and showed me pictures of exiguous one Harri, and I realised that it change into just. “You spent two days with Harri, on the maternity ward,” she suggested me.

I’d utterly forgotten. Nothing regarded reliable. She suggested me Harri change into at dwelling, being taken care of by the relaxation of my family.

“You beget been lucky to manufacture it,” she said. “You gave us all an true panic.”


It change into out that on Boxing Day I had change into with out warning and severely ill with Covid pneumonia and I change into rushed to ICU and positioned in a coma. Doctors had warned Daniel and the relaxation of the family that I would perchance presumably die.

Daniel had additionally tested obvious for Covid and found himself in sanatorium on Christmas Day.

Megan, 15, Tomos, 11, and Freddie went to cease with my mum, Lyn. Nonetheless then Mum additionally tested obvious, so the kids went as a replace to cease with my dad, Stephen.

Tiny one Harri had stayed with Daniel’s sister, Laura, except she change into identified with Covid. He then went to cease with Daniel’s mum – who additionally tested obvious. Nonetheless by now, Daniel change into smartly adequate to discover after your total kids himself at dwelling. It change into amazing.

Charlene in hospital

Charlene change into very severely ill last year – or no longer it is a miracle the mum of 4 survived

“What a Christmas!” I gasped. And despite the incontrovertible truth that I change into out of risk, I change into restful very ill. I couldn’t stroll and I change into too feeble even to feed myself.

Daniel change into getting greater smartly at dwelling, and he started sending me pictures and movies of your total kids and that change into this kind of enormous boost to me, bodily and emotionally. I knew I had to recover, for his or her sake.

On 13 January, I change into in a roundabout procedure allowed wait on dwelling, with a wheelchair and a zimmer frame. Daniel hadn’t suggested the kids I change into coming dwelling – he had finest suggested them to ask a large shock.

When the door opened, their faces lit up with excitement.

I had my first cuddle with exiguous one Harri, too. I’d forgotten those two days we’d spent in sanatorium, so this of course felt like the first time I’d met him. It change into so emotional. We beget been all in tears.

Charlene and little Harri playing in the snow

Charlene and exiguous Harri taking part in in the snow

“That is the finest day of my existence,” I sobbed. I shy about my bond with Harri, because I’d been moreover him for see you later. Nonetheless after that first cuddle, it felt as although we’d in no procedure been separated. Useless to insist all of our kids had been passed around relatives, all over Christmas, so it had been annoying for everyone.

The older kids had saved their gifts except I came dwelling. They’d additionally saved the Christmas tree up. That day change into so special. We had our grasp exiguous Christmas Day, three weeks slack.

Being at dwelling, with my family, change into the finest pills I’m in a position to even beget wished for. Within days I change into walking round on my grasp.

Incredibly, there change into one last twist to our Christmas fable. Tiny one Harri change into ill, one week on, and change into rushed to sanatorium with Covid. Nonetheless his signs beget been delicate and he change into later discharged.

I’ve now been identified with PTSD. I’ve suffered with exhaustion, breathlessness and excessive hair loss. Nonetheless despite every little thing, I of course feel so lucky. I survived and I beget a blinding family. Ours is a just Christmas miracle.

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