‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ Preview: Chase is confronted about his infidelity

In an exclusive interview, Chase and Whitney came face-to-face on the show’s finale. Chase was asked directly, what led to his infidelity? All the cast members told everything in the February 16 finale. It showed how Chase was grilled about what had happened to Whitney and the infidelity which led to their breakup. The host could be seen asking Chase, what was the catalyst which took him back to the mother of his child?

Chase and Whitney called off their engagement after Chase was found cheating on her. In the exclusive preview, Chase said that there was no catalyst and both Chase and Whitney were drifting apart as Whitney went to Europe and did not even speak to Chase.

Whitney added and said that it was because of what happened in November where Chase took up the job, things went bad. She accepted that things were not great between them. Chase was asked if his new job caused a strain in their relationship, he said that they both had in mind that they would move to the same city but when his career goals picked up later on and he got an opportunity, he just went for it. He also thought that she would move to Wilmington with him.

To this Whitney said that it was not all true and that he has conveniently thrown everything on her. She said that they both never sat and discussed it and it was just told to her. Chase intervened and said that he still made Whitney his priority and that it was not false. 

It seems like Chase and Whitney still had a lot to talk about. The season’s finale of the TLC series would air on February 16 at 9 pm ET on TLC.

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