N95 Masks with Valves Fail to Prevent COVID-19


You need to be careful while using N95 masks. The ones with breathing valves do not prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. This was brought to limelight by Rajiv Garg. He is the Director-General of Health Services.  

Inappropriate Use of N95 Masks:

The government has recently warned everyone regarding the “Inappropriate Use of N95 Masks”. This statement has been made especially regarding the ones containing respiratory valves as these do not solve the purpose. The whole point of wearing the mask is to ensure that you are well protected against the highly contagious coronavirus. 

A letter has been recently issued by Garg to all the Union Territories and States regarding this. He has requested all to be careful about the use of N95 masks as the ones with the valves do not prevent the virus from escaping.