National Day of Prayer with Donald Trump and Melania Trump

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When the Americans are going for the payer in more numbers than ever. To honor the National Day of Prayer on Thursday at Rose Garden, there came President Donald Trump with Melania Trump, the first lady.

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During the ceremony on Thursday in the White House there was prayer being said by the religious leaders for ending the virus – COVID 19.

President also gave the remarks that how America is facing this trouble and fighting against the disease. He said that country is facing too much hardship. He said to pray for every family who has suffered during this pandemic. To pray for the first responders who are working like war to fight against this virus. Even to pray for the researchers and scientists who are researching for the vaccines and therapies for the treatment, that they get it soon.

Melania Trump- First lady forward her Grieviences for Affected Families

The first lady extended her sympathy towards the families who lost their members due to illness of COVID 19. She said that we all are fighting from this invisible virus; this could only be defeated if we stay together as a nation.

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There is a health crisis going around the world with about 73 thousand Americans have lost their lives, an increase in unemployment, worship doors are even closing, and many of the Americans are staying inside their homes. So, this National Day of Prayer 2020 comes when the whole world is facing the pandemic situation and fighting from it.

All over the country these religious leaders had changed their habits and maintaining social distance. On the auspicious times, they are using video conferences as well as live streaming to say prayers. During this pandemic time, there are some of the religious leaders who have been arrested from hosting the services in large church gatherings.

In 2019 Donald Trump in the event had said that mass violence which includes Louisiana historical three black churches being destroyed by arson. Even about the attack of anti-Semitic in Tree of Life Synagogue with the announcement of new actions taken for the protection of conscience rights.

In 2018, an executive order was signed by Trump for creating an initiative that more of focus would be on religious liberty as well as faith-based plans. 

Mike Pence (Vice president) and Karen Pence, the second lady also gave remarks on the National Day of Prayer on Thursday.   

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