Near the Venice Beach, Shad Gaspard who is former WWE superstar goes missing

Near the Venice Beach, Shad Gaspard who is former WWE superstar goes missing

There has been a missing report from the past weekend of Shad Gaspard who is formerly WWE superstar. He went missing from the Coast of Venice Beach.  Gaspard had visited there with his family son and wife Siliana. He was there with a group of swimmers and then being pulled into the Venice Beach current. But it is only the Gaspard went under that current.

As per the Lifeguard Specialist, Pono Barnes, group has stuck in the current and they were swimming towards the north of lifeguard tower. This is the reason that lifeguards could reach there so soon but somehow one of them had submerged into it.

As per witnesses, Gaspard has told the rescuers for saving his son before the next large wave comes in. This is the last time when a member of Cryme Tyme and former WWE champion of tag team has been seen. One of the lifeguards had gone there to rescue both father and son. With the pressure of the wave, unfortunately, the father got pulled with the current. However, the lifeguard could able to save the son. He tried to grab hold of the father but could not able to do so. The wave pushed him away and could not be found. For finding him they had called rescue boats and additional lifeguards for searching the father but could not trace its location.

Though search is being carried on all the efforts are heartbreaking. As per Los Angeles Sheriff Department personnel Deputy Trina Schrader told on Monday, they are doing every effort to find him as they also have family and know the pain for family members.

In January Gaspard turned to be 39 and in 2010 competed for WWE. After getting free from the contract in November of the same year, he planned to work independently with also working in television and films for several roles.