Netflix Added 7 New Movies And TV Shows Today

Netflix Added 7 New Movies And TV Shows Today

As far as Netflix is concerned, the past few months have been awesome. The platform had to work a lot more as there was too much of content for streaming. We are living in times of extreme distress due to corona virus pandemic and Netflix has turned out to be a blessing in disguise for all those people who are stuck at home for quarantine purposes.

 Some of the awesome additions this month include Cloud Atlas, Million Dollar Baby, Paranormal Activity, and The Karate Kid trilogy in its entirety. Many people have been desperately waiting to watch The Umbrella Academy Second Season. Netflix will soon be adding this one also. So there is a lot in store for the viewers. 

Unbelievable weekend binge:

There is no scope of boredom and Netflix surely has all the content to keep you glued to your screens till 31st. You will surely find some of the titles appealing. 

For example, Tread is an appealing addition which can be checked out right away. It plot revolves around John Heemeyer. He is a muffler repair shop owner. He modifies a bulldozer into a tank and this is used for the purpose of demolishing a variety of buildings in the town. Things take a griping turn when he suddenly commits suicide. It gives you a glimpse of life of a person who has been pushed to emotional limits.

All that which is dropping on Netflix today:

  • Rom-com – It’s Her Day
  • Emotional drama – Retablo 
  • Brazilian movie – Shine Your Eyes 
  • Polish thriller – The Hater 
  • Documentary – The Speed Cubers 
  • Documentary – Tread 
  • Remake of a Korean show – Unlucky Ploy (Season 1, Episode 1) 

Stay tuned for more interesting updates.