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Netflix Added Some Great Horror Movies Today to Kick off the Month


On 1st September, Netflix added many movies catering to the needs of all its customers. But there is a special treat for all the fans of horror movies. The streaming platform has added four movies of the horror segment on Tuesday.

The first is Anaconda, which is a cult classic. It stars Jennifer Lopez, Jon Voight, and Ice Cube. The movie has sequels too, in which the last one was Lake Placid Vs. Anaconda.

Next is the 1981’s Possession, which is about a changed behavior of an army man’s wife, demanding a divorce. She becomes very erratic in her behavior.

The third is the most notable one, ‘Red Dragon.’ It is a story where the Cannibal has to make friends with the villain to bring down a mysterious killer known to be ‘The Tooth Fairy.’ 

The last one in the list is ‘Residue,’ which is a story about an investigator who, after reading a sinister book, puts his life and the life of his family in danger.


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