Netflix cancels Space Force after two seasons

After initially debuting in 2020 as a somewhat timely shelling of the United States Space Force, Netflix’s space power sitcom in the workplace is cancelled. Deadline reports that Netflix has decided to scuttle its Greg Daniels and Steve Carell-created series, likely in response to: space power to settle slightly less than excellent ratings over the course of its short term. space powerSeason 2 debuted last February and followed as the characters struggled to weather a change in presidential administrations. although space powerThe cancellation may be a sore spot, from Netflix’s perspective, it’s probably yet another cost-cutting measure that the streamer ultimately deemed necessary to help shape its long-term future.

Correction Apr 30 2:09 PM ET: An earlier version of the article incorrectly referred to Greg Daniels as Jeff Daniels. We regret the mistake.

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