Netflix is ​​closing its services in Russia

Netflix suspends its services in Russia due to Ukraine’s invasion of the country, as first reported by Variety

“Given the circumstances on the ground, we have decided to suspend our service in Russia,” Netflix spokesperson Emily Feingold said in a statement. The edge

Last week, Netflix said it would not comply with a new Russian law requiring major streamers to host 20 Russian propaganda channels, such as NTV and the state-backed Channel One. The streaming giant later announced it was ceasing all productions and acquisitions in Russia – Netflix was working on four Russian originals at the time. According to BloombergNetflix currently has about 1 million subscribers in Russia.

Netflix is ​​far from the only major company to cut ties with Russia. Other giants in the movie industry, including Disney, Warner Brothers, Paramount Pictures, and Sony have all been delayed in releasing their new movies, such as the batterTo blushand Sonic the hedgehog 2in Russian theaters.

This afternoon, TikTok began halting all new video uploads and live streams in Russia in response to the country’s newly enacted “fake news” law. Microsoft, Google, Apple and Samsung have also suspended sales to the country, just to name a few.

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