Netflix was reportedly planning for 5 seasons of Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon is based on Richard Morgan’s 2002 novel, the sci-fi series. It took us to a world where consciousness can be transferred between bodies. That is the reason that the main character of ‘Takeshi Korsvacs’ was played by two different actors in the first two seasons. Earlier Netflix had maps of a five-season arc for the show, but now the streaming platform has decided not to move forward with its third season.

This announcement had left many fans disappointed. Altered Carbon was never a massive hit as far as numbers of viewers are concerned, but it did garner strong reviews that attracted healthy audiences to the show. But now Netflix has found the project costly. As of now, we see no future for the project, we hope that some other streaming service would like to invest in it and produce the five seasons as earlier planned for the same.

Written by Stephen D