Netflix’s Summer 2022 movie slate is full of star power

If Netflix’s summer film of 2022 has anything to offer, the streamer continues its trend of relying on big stars to fuel its movie ambitions. Today, the company released a schedule of movies coming out between May and August, and there’s plenty of star power to be found. The list includes: the gray mana thriller directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, starring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans; spider heada science fiction film directed by Chris Hemsworth; day shift, where Jamie Foxx plays a vampire hunter; and a new basketball drama called Rushstarring Adam Sandler and Queen Latifah.

This list doesn’t include some of the other big-name movies coming to the service later this year, such as Knives from 2Enola Holmes 2and Guillermo del Toro’s take on Pinocchio† Here’s the full lineup so you can get your summer movie plans right and early.


  • Together for the ride – 6 May
  • the collection – 6 May
  • thar – 6 May
  • Operation Minced Meat – May 11 (select areas)

  • Last year – 13 May
  • A perfect pairing – May 19
  • The Photographer: Murder in Pinamar – May 19


  • Rush – June 8
  • Peace – 14th of June
  • The Wrath of God – June 15
spider head.
Image: Netflix
  • spider head – June 17
  • Civil – June 19
  • Love & Gelato – June 22


  • Hello, goodbye and everything in between – 6th of July

  • the sea beast – 8 July
  • dangerous relations – 8 July
Image: Netflix
  • Persuasion – July 15
  • the gray man – July 22
  • Purple Hearts – July 29


  • Rise of the Teenage Mutant Turtles – August 5
  • 13: The Musical – August 12
day shift.
Image: Netflix
  • day shift – August 12
  • Time for myself – August 26

Summer movies without dates

Image: Netflix
  • Beauty
  • Buba: Once upon a time there was a crime
  • Carter
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