Netizens are Going Crazy-Is Jennifer Aniston has a Secret Twin?

Netizens are Going Crazy-Is Jennifer Aniston has a Secret Twin?

Instagrammers come across the pictures of blogger Caitlin, who we can say is Jennifer Aniston’s Twin. California-based hairstylist Steph Carrillo first shared the picture of both Caitlin and Jennifer on her Instagram with a Caption “I can assure you she is not Jennifer Aniston! Caitlin.” See her Instagram post below-


In response to this Caitlin, Blogger also shares her picture with the new Hairstyle. On that post also many commented that she looks very much identical to Jennifer Anniston.


Many comments on the above post read as “Wow. You do look like her but you’re still so beautiful in your own right.” The second was like“To me you look like you and jen could be sisters.”

In a statement given to Fox News Caitlin said that this comparison between me and Jennifer Aniston has begun from High school. She added that “I have never thought I look like her. I’m completely flattered, but side with those that disagree. Jennifer has been and always will be iconic for her beauty!”

Describing her high school compliments she said “Since I was in high school, I’ve gotten the comments of looking like ‘Rachel from Friends,’ but never from family and friends. They don’t see the resemblance.”

Jennifer on the other side is busy spreading awareness about the importance of wearing masks. She shared a lengthy post on her Instagram with her picture wearing a mask. See the post below-


Jennifer hasn’t yet responded to this resemblance scenario that has taken Netizens to Awe. We soon expected something from Jennifer’s side.. so Stay tuned for more news.