New 17 TV Shows/Movies Added in Disney Plus Today

Disney Plus is all set to keep the viewers hooked on for the weekend with the release of 17 fresh shows today. These would include a lot of blockbusters, documented series of National Geographic, some new TV episodes, and a Disney original movie.

The latest original on the site is ‘Magic Camp’, which stars Adam Devine portraying a magician who is appointed as a counselor at a camp. The kids there make him realize his love for magic. Also the sequel Zombies 2 was added to the site. The third episode of the ‘Muppets Now’ is also released. 

Nature lovers are enjoying the streaming of ‘India’s Wild Leopards’, ‘Wild cats of India’, and ‘Jungle Animal Rescue’. The two major additions made are ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ and ‘The Greatest Showman’. With this Disney is left with only three of its movies not streamlined on the site. 

So what do you plan to watch this weekend on Disney? Sure there is some content for every Disney lover to fall on.

Written by Diksha

Diksha Dutt is a coder, blogger, and teacher. Apart from blogging, she is an avid reader and a travel enthusiast. Thanks for stopping by and getting to know her.