New Avengers: Endgame Theory Says Iron Man And Thanos’ Deaths Ended The MCU’s Arms Race

Avengers: Endgame

Iron Man is undeniably one of the iconic characters of all times. But not many people are well aware of the fact that Tony Stark was a huge threat to the franchise. Let’s get to know more about this. 

We all know that almost every main plot threads associated with the Infinity Saga can be linked back to Tony in one way or the other. The mastermind billionaire playboy humanitarian is somehow responsible for a frightening number of the MCU’s villains. 

Aldrich Killian, Iron Monger, Whiplash, Ultron, Justin Hammer, Vulture, Zemo, Mysterio and even Black Widow’s Taskmaster are all related to his wish for novelty and change.

Image source : We got This Covered

A new theory is doing the rounds that both Thanos and Iron Man have been killed at the high point of Avengers: Endgame, the MCU’s arms race is formally over for now. 

According to one of the theories Iron Man had a straight association with this arms race speeding up. Initially, his tech directly accelerates a personal arms race. It is followed by a city wide arms race, then country wide competent of devastation. 

It will ramp up, till the time we reach the Age of Ultron. It is here where Tony’s tech gets to defending the world, but is also able to cause massive destruction. We then arrive to the Thanos Age. Everyone gets substantially stronger during this period. And in the end both Iron Man and Thanos die. There is a change in the timeline and his daughter arrives of age, who is around 4-5 years of age. 

There is a major spike in the series of events when she turns around 15 or 18 years of age. With the arrival of the prodigy, Iron Man (iron woman) and Stark mantle are taken over. Spider-Man will have to make an entry for the purpose of saving the world once again.