New monopoly edition with Baby Yoda based on the theme of Star Wars

Baby Yoda Monopoly Game

Children have an obsession with their games or cartoon character. Baby Yoda is the character that is famous among the kids and they are having an obsession for its products like Baby Yoda face masks as well as toys. Now the children could add Star Wars character into the game nights. Hasbro had created a Monopoly set with Baby Yoda theme.

Baby Yoda Owns Monopoly Game

So, Baby Yoda is about to get its own Monopoly game. The child edition of Star Wars is like the classic board game which has its character The Mandalorian that is being now known as Baby Yoda.  

Now the kids do not have to move around the board with a wheelbarrow or any classic top hat. Players will have the option of different Baby Yoda posing in different ways. Through them now one can play easily. the different forms of poses are Baby Yoda trying to use the force, eating a frog, one with drinking the cup of broth, sitting on Hoverpram.

The older version of Monopoly community chest as well as chance cards having the picture of Baby Yoda with other characters such as Bounty and Camtono puck cards.

There will be game swaps out community chest as well as chance cards for Bounty and Camtono puck cards, for hideouts they have hotels as well as houses, then common houses, some featured places as well as objects such as tracking fobs and Razor crest cockpit which only Baby Yoda or Mandalorian fans could recognize.

The players can seek for common houses or hideouts instead of houses or hotels.

But this game is being played in a very cut-throat competition. This is the darkest side of it and there is no mercy for it. Only the player who is left in the last while everyone has become bankrupt will win the game.

It is expected that the new monopoly game will be available for selling in September. The cost of the game is being set around about 19.99 $, with an expected release date of September, 1.