New Saliva-Based Covid-19 Test could be a Fast and Cheap ‘game-changer’

The Researchers of Yale School of Public Health have created a Saliva Direct test which has received a nod from the FDA on Saturday. Amidst the scarcity of test facilities and the soaring number of cases of COVID-19 in America, this test can be done in emergencies.

Easy and Cheap

The best part of the test is that it does not even require any special device for the collection of saliva. A Yale Assistant Professor, Nathan Grubaugh, claims that they have made the test not only easy but also cheaper with each sample costing only $10.

Faster and Accurate Results

The results of the test can be got within just three hours. The results are on par with the traditional swab test. A vaccine might not be required if such tests are permitted throughout the country to get a grip on the pandemic. FDA said that several designated labs will be allowed to perform the test on the general public following Yale’s instructions.

It is noteworthy that the entire research was funded by the NBA, and the test has been performed on asymptomatic carriers of the deadly virus. Read more about the first Corona vaccine by Russia here.