New Snapchat Feature Creates Automated Story Posts for Newscasts

A new feature from Snap allows publishers on Snapchat to automatically create posts based on stories published on a website. According to axiosMore than 40 publishers from the US, UK, France and India will start using Dynamic Stories to automatically share published content on Snapchat.

Dynamic Stories uses a publisher’s RSS feed to create posts that go straight to a newsroom’s Snapchat Stories. Early partners include CNN, ESPN, The Washington Post, British Fashion, and more.

“By linking publishing on Snapchat to our partners’ existing workflow, we’ve created an easy way for them to create everyday content and significantly reduce costs,” Snap said in an announcement. “This new format will also play an important role in supporting our ongoing efforts to bring local content to our communities around the world.”

The company says the new feature will make it easier for Snapchat users to keep up with the latest news from credible sources as it’s reported.

Dynamic stories from publishers appear in a Snapchat user’s Discover feed and are updated in real time when there is news. Users can tap a publisher’s Stories, read a headline, and swipe up to read the full story. Only verified publishers and creators appear in the Discover tab, Snap says.

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