New strategies to be well prepared for future pandemics- Hillary Clinton and Bill Gates

Hilary Clinton has a whole new strategy to ask for a vote in which she was seen wearing a black mask. In her Instagram and Twitter, she posted about the mask she was wearing with a hashtag #MaskingForAFriend. The aim is for looking forward from philanthropy to set the world after the crisis and for political advocacy.

Bill and Melinda Gates’s foundation and other backer’s effort is not much now. It is just $1.5 million after this basic cash from Schmidt Futures. Pandemic Actions Network has an aim to shape a policy consider. At the Gate’s Foundation, Gabrielle Fitzgerald also attended the program. Billionaire Paul Allen also contributed $100 million to the fights against Ebola. More than 5000 people died because of Ebola. 

Start Preparing for an Epidemic- Hillary Clinton

After the Ebola threat, $100 million contributed for an emergency but $46 is to be raised. Pandemic Action Network’s co-founder pushing the gap of funding. Celebrities from all over the world are joining forces to support the system and spreading awareness to the people on “cover your mouth when you go into public places. All of you protecting each other. You guys “MaskingForAFriend”. It is also said: it is not too late to start thinking about how to get rid of such threats like COVID-19 or Ebola. 

They expect more people to join for a donation who will join Moskovitz for spending more for pandemic work. But philanthropist is not the only way to get out of it will take advocacy efforts. Bunch of rich people also have started their pandemic preparations, but that’s not what Fitzgerald asking for. This needs to be done by the public She also said” this is an example of something which can’t be done by the government but only need groups of people. This push is one of the few coronavirus actions aimed at political advancement.