Nintendo Gamers In Russia Just Got Locked Out Of Digital Game Purchases

Nintendo has temporarily put its Russian eShop in maintenance mode, the company said in a post on its Russian website, which appears to mean players in the country will not be able to purchase digital games from the store.

“Due to the fact that the payment service used in Nintendo eShop has suspended the processing of payments in rubles, Nintendo eShop in Russia is temporarily placed in maintenance mode,” according to a Google-translated version of the message. “We apologize for the inconvenience.” It is unclear which payment service Nintendo uses. The edge contacted for more information.

Many gambling companies have taken action in protest against the Russian invasion of Ukraine. EA and CD Projekt Red have stopped selling their games in Russia and Belarus. Microsoft has suspended all new sales of “Microsoft products and services” in Russia, wording that appears to include Xbox hardware and software. And as reported by EurogamerSony apparently pulled Gran Turismo 7, a major title in the 2022 lineup, on sale in Russia – I couldn’t find the game in a search of the Russian PlayStation Store. Sony has not yet responded to a request for comment.

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