No Man’s Sky’s Sentinel Update Brings Big Changes To Combat And Enemies

No Man’s Sky gets its first update of the year on Wednesday, called Sentinel, and developer Hello Games promises some big changes in combat and enemies.

“The Sentinel update brings an overhaul of the in-game combat systems and enemies you encounter to create something much more challenging and exciting,” the studio says. †No Man’s Sky is a game about exploration, but our universe has always been one full of dangers and danger. Sentinels guard the planets you explore, and have long been a part of the game that we wanted to make more interesting, deeper and more fun, while also allowing players to defeat and conquer them in a more meaningful way.”

There will be a lot to see in the Sentinel update, including a new giant mech enemy, overhauled weapon visuals, new weapon upgrades and even the ability to build AI robot companions, and you can get a preview of what you can expect in this trailer.

The update will be released Wednesday on PC, PlayStation, Xbox (including Game Pass) and for supported VR platforms. And if you’ve wanted to explore No Man’s Skys universe on Switch, good news – Hello Games is working on a port coming out this summer.

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