Nokia Selected by NASA to Build 4G LTE Mobile Network on the ‘Moon’


NASA has selected the Finnish Company, Nokia, to build what will be the first of its kind- a cellular network on the moon. The company said on Monday that the US Space agency has future plans about human return on the satellite and establish a lunar settlement.

NASA aims to send humans to the moon by 2024 and dig in there for a long-term presence under a program named ‘Artemis.’ Nokia has informed that the first wireless broadband communications system in the space would be built on the lunar surface in late 2022.The project will be undertaken in partnership with Texas-based private spacecraft design company, Intuitive Machines. It will help to carry the equipment to the moon on their lunar lander.  

Right now, the plan is to establish a 4G system on the moon, as it is a more proven and reliable technology till now, which will eventually be switched to a 5G network.The plan is to provide voice and video facilities for the astronauts and allow biometric and telemetry data exchange.