Now Robots will be Able to Feel Your Pain and Relieve it too for you!


The scientist at Nanyang Technological University succeeded in developing an AI-based solution to help robots feel the pain and also repair it.

The AI-powered sensors will have the ability to process and react to the pain which is caused by outside pressure. With the help of these mini-brains, which is like a network of sensors at different points with multiple small processing units, on the skin of the robots, they can perceive pain. 

With the help of self-healing ion gel material, the robots can heal trivial damages and recover the mechanical functions back. This will mostly mimic how the human body works in healing cuts and bruises. With this system, there will be fewer amounts of wiring and circuit requirements.

To train the robots, experts use ‘brain-like’ met transistors, which are electronic devices that work as artificial pain receptors. The ability to perceive pain and heal is making the working of humans and robots together safe for the future, where it will be the need of the hour.