Old Spice Ad Ties In With “The Witcher”

Old Spice Ad Ties In With “The Witcher”
Old Spice Ad Ties In With The Witcher
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Over a decade after their iconic “I’m on a horse” advert, Ragged Spice is stepping into on this week’s originate of the 2d season of Netflix’s “The Witcher” with a themed business and online tie-ins.

Netflix and Ragged Spice salvage reportedly collaborated on a fluctuate of most modern scents for Ragged Spice which may perhaps perhaps presumably be impressed by the fantasy sequence.

To celebrate they’ve launched a recent business with a song that sounds just like one in all Jaskier’s tunes because it runs with the theme that on this world there used to be a lot of body odour.

If the positioning looks familiar it’ll restful, it’s the tavern from the outlet scenes of the first season’s fourth episode – complete with David Broughton Davies reprising his role.

The recent scents encompass Geralt’s Bathwater, Yennefer’s Underarm, Scent of Suprise and Kikimora’s Corpse amongst others. More info are up at OldSpice.com whereas the recent walk of “The Witcher” releases on Netflix on Friday.