Olivia Jade Confronted about Admissions Scandal… Know The Real Story

Olivia Jade has finally broken her silence on the college admissions scandal which had ultimately landed her parents into prison. It so happened that her parents became the poster family for white privilege. On the ‘Red Table Talk’ Jada Pinkett had joined Smith’s crew to address a big issue. It was about her 

family’s involvement in the huge college bribery ring which became a piece of national news just last year.

There was one point where during Olivia’s sit-down that included Willow Smith and Jada’s mom- Andrienne Banfield-Jones, she had confronted Olivia and asked her if she could understand why so many people out there were upset with her family. To which she replied that her family had used their means to take advantage which became the heart of the issue.

She said that she felt comfortable discussing the issue at the ‘Red Table’ as she felt safe and it felt like an open conversation there. As per the reports, both her parents took plea deals in the scandal, which included a deal to pay $500000 to the fixer Rick Singer for admission of Olivia and her sister Isabella to the USC. The deal included the creation of a bogus resume for Olivia, which would show her as a member of the rowing team to secure a spot on USC’s crew team.

As proof supporting the document some action shots were also taken of both the sisters practicing ‘rowing’. Since 2018, where Olivia had once said that she wanted to go to college only for game days and partying, she never spoke about the scandal to date.

If all goes as per plan, Olivia’s mom will be released around Christmas and her dad would be out in the spring.