On Chris Hemsworth’s birthday, the Emotional Reason behind why he named his Daughter India

Elsa Pataky

Read on to find out why Chris Hemsworth and his wife Elsa Pataky decided to name their daughter, India

Well, talking about the relationship which Chris Hemsworth shares with India, it goes quite a few years back. He visited the country while shooting for his film, Extraction. 

The Australian actor has named his daughter India and here is an interesting story behind it.

Hemsworth turned 37 on the 11th of August and is married to the famous Elsa Pataky. Apparently his wife has spent a lot of time in India. This was disclosed by the actor while promoting Men in Black. So it is easy to guess why the couple went with the name “India”. 

The couple is blessed with two more kids besides India Rose, namely Sasha and Tristan.

It was intimidating to watch so many people out there.

The actor is in awe of the country and loves everything about it. He found it rather exciting to see so many people out there on the streets. He had a great time in the country and has some pleasant memories of his interaction with the people. The entire crew was thrilled to shoot in India. Not many films are shot in this manner. This gave a sense of originality to the sets. 

India has definitely made quite an impression on the celebrity couple.