On This Day in Space! Aug. 28, 1993: Galileo Spacecraft Flies by Asteroid Ida

Home News Spaceflight On Aug. 28, 1993, NASA's Galileo spacecraftflew by the asteroid Ida on its way to Jupiter. The Greatest Asteroid Encounters of All Time!Galileo was the first spacecraft to fly by an asteroid in the asteroid belt. Ida was actually the second one it visited after another flyby of the asteroid Gaspra in 1991. Galileo…

On Aug. 28, 1993, NASA’s Galileo spacecraftflew by the asteroid Ida on its technique to Jupiter. 

The Ideal Asteroid Encounters of All Time!

Galileo modified into the first spacecraft to waft by an asteroid within the asteroid belt. Ida modified into in actuality the 2nd one it visited after another flyby of the asteroid Gaspra in 1991. 

Galileo whizzed by Ida going nearly 28,000 mph and came within 1,500 miles of the asteroid’s surface. At some stage within the bump into, Galileo in actuality came across a little moon orbiting Ida! This modified into the first confirmed satellite of an asteroid. The Worldwide Nice Union named the moon Dactyl after a community of mythological beings who lived on a sacred mountain called Mount Ida.

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