On this site you can listen to nature sounds from all over the world

For those who like to discover new sounds, there is an intriguing new site that collects soundscapes from all over the world.

The site, Earth.fm, bills itself as: “Just like Spotify, but for natural soundscapes.” You can listen to bird species in Malaysia or India or forest sounds in Ghana. The sounds come from numerous contributors who have experience recording the natural world in Brazil, Spain, Norway, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, among others. The website features sounds from locations such as national parks and the everglades.

Users can create their own specialized playlists of sounds available on Earth.fm and fly from Brazil to Egypt in minutes.

playlist of sounds from earth.fm

You can compile a list of different soundscapes from the website

The website notes studies on its About page showing the benefits of soundscapes for one’s well-being, including the positive effect of water sounds and bird sounds on stress. The website also functions as a kind of conservation tool, noting that “soundscapes are becoming increasingly scarce as we humans continue to destroy the natural ecosystems that produce them.” In addition to listening to each of the soundtracks, you’ll also be introduced to environmental nonprofits, such as some dedicated to planting trees and restoring nature. (The nonprofits may or may not be local to the areas associated with a specific recorded soundscape.)

Earth.fm adds new sounds every three days for a new experience. If you’re looking for a moment of zen, this is a great reminder that there is a beautiful, noisy world.

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