One of the best Star Wars games in years is now free on Epic

In case you missed it when it came out at the end of 2020, Squadrons is a very good (and very hard) spiritual successor to the beloved X wing and TIE fighter 90s space combat games. But while the single-player campaign is fun enough, the real meat of the experience is in the multiplayer, which includes both team-based and solo game modes.

That’s why it’s a shame the game’s popularity hasn’t held up enough post-release to ensure you can jump into a full multiplayer game whenever you want. There are multiple Reddit threads complaining about the long wait times to find a game, and SteamDB reports that the average number of online players in any given week is in the low hundreds (although this is unlikely to show the full picture , since the game is also available on other storefronts like Origin, which itself had a free giveaway last year).

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