Oprah to Mark Ruffalo: Celebrities Welcome Joe Biden-Kamala Harris to Lead America in a New Direction

On Wednesday, Joe Biden, the Democrat was sworn in as the President of the US. He vowed to end all the existing big issues faced by America currently-like the uncivil war leading to the division of the country, a bad economic state, and a raging coronavirus pandemic, which has already killed more than 4 million Americans.

Biden took the oath of office administered by the US Chief Justice John Roberts and has become the oldest President in the history of the US, at the age of 78. Kamala Harris who became the first vice president of Indian descent also made history at the stroke of noon.

The historic moment in the US met with enthusiasm in Hollywood and many had taken to their Twitter handles to mark the occasion. It is noteworthy that the National anthem was sung by Lady Gaga during the ceremony and also Jennifer Lopez sang a few songs serving for a peaceful and hopeful future ahead. 

Here is how some of the celebrities reacted:

Mindy Kaling said the best compliment she got was when her daughter recognized her in the inauguration ceremony and wished everyone a happy Inauguration.

Rhimes had tagged Kamala Harris and said that brown girls are no longer just dreaming.

Billy Porter said that he is feeling hopeful with a heart emoji. He congratulated the President and Vice President and said that it was a long time coming and now they are here. He said he is living the moment and looking forward to a bright future. He felt that now everybody is walking in the right direction. And that there is a lot of work to be done.

Kerry Washington said that all shall try to see and be the light, the country needed.

Oprah said that she was in tears watching the historic moment for women in the country and across the globe.

Eva Longoria said that she is proud to celebrate leaders like Biden and Harris and it was just the beginning.

Mark Ruffalo said about the end of Trump’s era. He said the going of Trump was like the end of a nightmare and was happy that he has gone.

There will be a virtual event named ‘Celebrating America’ which will be hosted by the legendary actor Tom Hanks and would witness performances from some of the leading American artists.