Organic Spirulina 500g Powder — Synergy Natural

Organic Spirulina 500g Powder — Synergy Natural

Spirulina 500g Powder

On a weight for weight foundation, Spirulina is nature’s richest and most whole source of weight reduction program. This inexperienced superfood containing over 100 synergistic nutrients comes from a limited freshwater plant, ecologically grown without chemicals and concentrated by doing away with nothing however the water. Spirulina is broadly faded throughout the enviornment as a food complement for affirming properly being, energy and optimum weight.

Info about Spirulina

  • Nature’s richest source of protein (65% of its weight), 300% extra than fish, meat or poultry (however with zero cholesterol).
  • 8x richer in iron than spinach. A natural non-toxic without danger absorbed source. A Rich whole food source of antioxidants (25x richer in beta-carotene than a carrot).
  • 2x richer in chlorophyll than alfalfa, barley grass or wheatgrass.
  • A extremely concentrated source of a truly indispensable fatty acids (EFA’s). Spirulina would possibly also be faded as share of a weight management program. If taken 30-45minutes sooner than meals, it induces a “less hungry” feeling even as mute supplying a tall fluctuate of nutrients.
  • As an unrefined whole food, Spirulina is absorbed up to 16x extra successfully than synthetic multivitamin supplements.