Pamela Anderson ties the knot with bodyguard Dan Hayhurst

As per the reports, Pamela Anderson has fallen in love with Dan Hayhurst, her bodyguard, during the lockdown. If reports are to be believed, she has married her bodyguard in a close intimate ceremony, which will be her fifth marriage.

She said that she feels, she is exactly where she needed to be-in the arms of a man who truly loves her. She had posted on social media that it was her last post on Twitter or Facebook and added that she was never interested in social media. She said that she has genuinely settled in her life and felt free to read and spend time in nature. 

She thanked her fans for all the love and blessed everyone to follow their purpose in life and not waste their time on social media and allow them to make money by taking charge of their brains.

About her wedding, she said that I got married on a property bought from her grandparents 25 years ago. She added, that her parents too got married at the same place and have stayed together since then, so even she has a come a full circle. Earlier Pamela had married Rick Saloman twice- in 2014 and 2017. Before Rick, she was married to Tommy Lee and Kid Rock. 

Pamela’s best-known work is ‘Baywatch’. She has also appeared in Bigg Boss season 4 in 2010.

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