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Paul McCartney and Ryan Reynolds-Nominated by First Nation for being a Chief in Canada

Sir Paul McCartney and Ryan Reynolds could be the next Chief for the First Nation in Canada. The native community spoke it, and the non-natives who are famous are up for the election.

As per the James Jenkins, indigenous community’s director of operations, Paul and Ryan are being nominated as the First nation Chief for Walpole Island; a reservation took on the border of island Michigan and Canada. He tells that rock icon and actor are nominations by the 2 eligible electors, which qualifies these celebs instantly for being Chief official nominees.

Paul and Ryan, for getting nominated as the Chief, do not have to be the part of the native community. In 1868, there is some loophole when a non-member was elected as chief of Walpole Island First Nation, by forging the precedent and allowing nonmembers for running as a chief.

Paul and Ryan now have to be on the ballot. It was told to them that they could contact the membership office of Walpole Island until Thursday to remove their names. If the deadline passes away, they will be the candidates for election as Chief on September 19.

If any of them wins, then the First Nation would be contacting them, and that need to assume office or needs to resign.

For the nomination, intentions are still unclear, and it is being told that there is a mixed emotion for it. Some of the members had a belief that they could be effective leaders due to their successful careers in entertainment.

The Chief is the same as to be mayor as they were head of the council and community voice having the task of overseeing programs and running service by the administrators. Chief in Walpole Island First Nation is the most respected position which has around 5000 members.

For these celebs, Walpole Island is not a stranger, and they have spent a lot of time around. But Ryan being Canadian, had the upper hand over Paul.

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