Peacock Is Making A LeBron James Biopic And A Remake Of John Woo’s The Killer

In the final stages of major growth plans, Peacock is partnering with Universal Pictures to produce original films from LeBron James, John Woo and Will Packer.

In addition to reclaiming some of NBC’s most valuable shows from other platforms and having the exclusive rights to stream NBCUniversal movies right after their theatrical releases, Peacock’s big plan also includes producing a number of original movies. In a press release about the upcoming projects, Peacock president Kelly Campbell emphasized that the service sees itself as a place where people specifically search for movies, and it moves to meet customer needs.

“We know people join Peacock to watch movies, so we’re constantly adding more to serve fans,” Campbell said. “Together with the Universal Filmed Entertainment Group, we are excited to bring new, exclusive, original movies to our customers next year, in addition to the legendary Universal Pictures blockbusters and beloved franchises now streaming.”

Falling stars, a LeBron James “origin story” from James and Maverick Carter’s SpringHill Company that chronicles the basketball player’s life as a teenager will be one of the first original Peacock movies to hit the platform. Peacock also announced that it has the green light Girls trip producer Will Packer’s rate thisa feature film starring Chloe Bailey “as the newest member of a community’s church choir who pushes its members in a hipper musical direction”, and a reinvention of John Woo’s The murderer. While Peacock said Woo will return to direct the new film, there are currently no other details about it The murdererbut it, rate thisand Falling stars are all slated to debut in 2023.

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