Pete Davidson is not going to space on the next Blue Origin flight

Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson is no longer scheduled to fly on Blue Origin’s spaceflight later this month, the space tourism has announced† No reason was given for Davidson’s departure, just that the launch date has moved from its original March 23 date.

“Blue Origin’s 20th flight from New Shepard has been rescheduled for Tuesday, March 29. Pete Davidson can no longer join the NS-20 crew on this mission,” Blue Origin spokesperson Sara Blask said in a statement.

Davidson along with five paying customers on Blue Origin’s fourth manned flight would be a “guest of honor” (an addition to build hype). Past guests have included Star Trek actor William Shatner, GMA anchor and former soccer star Michael Strahan, female aviator Wally Funk and Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos himself. Blue Origin said it will announce the new sixth crew member “in the coming days.”

Blue Origin flights send crews more than 60 miles above Earth’s surface on the company’s New Shepard rocket. Participants experience weightlessness for a few minutes before skydiving back to Earth, in a ride that lasts approximately 10 minutes. The missile is designed to land upright on a landing pad using the engine, while the capsule returns to the surface with the crew under parachutes.

Davidson previously played an astronaut on SNL, when his Chad character went to Mars on a SpaceX mission during a show hosted by Elon Musk. For now, it looks like Davidson’s space antics will continue to be tied to comedy skits.

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