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Pizza Hit Goes Bankrupt, Grab the last bite of your favorite Pizza


One of the biggest franchisees of the Pizza Hut, ‘NPC’ has filed for bankruptcy. The pandemic storm leading to the shutdown and huge debt burden of around $1 billion and the rising labor and food costs has led to the downfall of the franchisee.

The NPC has some 1227 locations that account for about 20% of all the Pizza Hut locations in the US, out of which 300 are proposed to be closed permanently in an agreement with Pizza Hut, considering it as an important step in such a situation.

The Pizza Hut had announced on Monday that 300 of its locations were underperforming and that after the closing of such points, the employees working there will be helped to get work in the nearby Pizza Hut Restaurants.

Also, it is encouraging the customers to order pick-up through the website or other food apps and shows no plan of operating the restaurants with dining rooms.


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