PM Modi’s Twitter Account Hacked

PM Modi’s Twitter Account Hacked

Narendra Modi has a twitter account, with around 2.5 million followers, for his personal website. This is in addition to two of his other accounts on Twitter. It was hacked on the intervening night of 2nd and 3rd September, following which some tweets urged people to contribute to the PM National Relief Fund for COVID-19, through ‘cryptocurrency.’ The hacker asked people to make generous donations of Bitcoins.

Twitter has agreed that Modi’s account was compromised and has said to take severe actions to secure the account against any such happenings in the future. The investigations are on, and the tweets asking for donations are also deleted. The Twitter spokesperson said that they are looking into the matter with great diligence after the Government of India issued a notice to the social media platform to get the hacking details. India has asked for complete details of the global hack and the twitter accounts impacted by this hack.

The hacker also informed on Modi’s account that he was not the one who had hacked the Paytm Mall.

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